Communications Strategist

Putting her love of new communication technologies and practices to work, Rebecca Hendrickson helps to build brand sentiment and support client goals through the realms of social media and marketing. At The Moak Group, she creates content and curates campaigns to amplify brand presence, increase sales, and make an impact.

With an educational background focused on cultural communication, Ms. Hendrickson utilizes her communication skillset to transcend boundaries and communicate with groups whether they’re on the other side of the world or just a few blocks away. Before joining The Moak Group, Ms. Hendrickson spent time working with one of the world’s largest volunteering nonprofits, Points of Light, to spotlight exceptional volunteer stories, and foster a culture of volunteerism through social media messaging and campaigns.

Ms. Hendrickson holds a B.S. in Communication Studies from James Madison University, and an M.A. in Strategic Communication from American University.