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The American Television Alliance (ATVA) works to educate consumers and give them a voice while engaging lawmakers on protecting consumers by reforming outdated rules that do not reflect today’s marketplace.

The Moak Group (TMG) worked with ATVA to redesign their existing, outdated website by updating the aesthetics and functionality (including making it responsive and interactive) to help support their call to action on this important issue.

ATVA Website On All Screens
ATVA iPhone Screens


From the outset of this website design project, it was made clear to TMG that education, both of lawmakers and the public, was an essential element of this site. TMG worked with the client’s updated site language to create supporting visuals that would draw the attention and interest of visiting users.

TMG designed the site with the goal of allowing users to interact with it on any/all devices to ensure that an ATVA site visit on their phone was not much different than visiting the site on a desktop or laptop computer.


For this site, TMG brought ATVA out of the ’90s (the theme of their old site) and into the future. The goal was to focus attention on broadcaster blackouts, and to that end, television static was chosen to be a focal element of the site.

To hold visitors’ interest TMG incorporated animated elements on the site, from information and images flying onto the screen, to an interactive map that shows the number of blackouts by location.

ATVA Full Home Page Display


The website was launched at the start of September, right as both the House and Senate returned from summer recess, as a way to draw more attention to the broadcasting blackouts issue.

Once the site had been successfully launched, TMG worked closely with ATVA to provide them full ownership over, and access to, their website, and educated and empowered them with the tools they needed to maintain/update their site moving forward.

The Moak Group

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