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Located in the heart of downtown Louisville,KY, Spalding University looked to expand their Alumni Association’s impact through the maximizing of their online presence. They felt this could be achieved by building a website dedicated to supporting and communicating with the University’s alumni. Before the development of this website, Spalding’s Alumni Association had a limited ability to content with their audience via the Alumni Association page on their main university website.

The Moak Group (TMG), set out to build a website that would help promote Alumni Association benefits, collect information from alumni to include on the site and their monthly newsletter, and share the latest news.

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Two key elements were at the forefront of this website project. First, helping the association build their alumni network by promoting the collection of data from users. This included the development of membership cards that would be generated through the website, and opportunities to collect information and stories from alumni via a number of different input opportunities.

Second, to make sure the entire website was at least at the level of AA of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1. These guidelines help ensure that the website is accessible to all audiences.


The alumni website was built to complement Spalding University’s main site and to follow their established brand guidelines. While we worked with a set aesthetic, we wanted to make sure the alumni site would accompany the main University site while still standing on its own.

The Advancement team, in charge of the Alumni Association, needed a way to update Membership cards with alumni’s personalized information. TMG created a password protected form that would allow a Spalding employee to fill in the web form and have it autogenerate the information onto a membership card PDF.

To further our compliance with W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, we added a plugin, Accessibility by UserWay, that allows users to adjust the page to further customize their overall user experience.

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