Clients AUVSI and ACI-NA retained the services of The Moak Group (TMG) for support in solving the policy and security challenges surrounding UAS mitigation at airports following a serious security incident at London’s Gatwick Airport in 2018 that massively disrupted holiday travel.

TMG proposed establishing a “Blue Ribbon Task Force” of experienced leaders who would work with subject matter experts to study the problem, consult with government and industry stakeholders, and develop a report that could serve as a playbook for UAS mitigation at airports.

As part of this effort, The Moak Group (TMG) designed and built a website to promote new findings from the task force, accept comments and documentation from stakeholders and the public, and share the latest news related to UAS Mitigation.

TMG set out to produce a modern website that would be easily assessible to the public on mobile devices along with desktop computers.


From the start of this web project, TMG wanted to focus on two important elements for the site. First, to make the report accessible to all users from all devices. Second, to collect comments from the public (including large pdfs and word documents).


For this website, TMG created a single-page scroll design that worked to educate the public on the Blue Ribbon Task Force. Users were given the option to scroll down the site or to navigate to each section by clicking on it in the main menu.

TMG added a form to the site, which allowed us to collect comments and to add attachments to their comments.

Blue Ribbon Task Force Website


With each report, the Blue Ribbon Task Force aimed to educate the public by highlighting key findings and providing recommendations to airports and the U.S. and Canadian governments. TMG utilized a clean design approach to display the findings. TMG used airport and drone images to help support the findings.

Each report was responsively integrated onto the Blue Ribbon Task Force website for users to interact with the report from any device. Users also had the ability to download a PDF version of the report from the website.


As of today, the site has received over 10,000 visitors, with 20 comments or submissions sent through the site itself for review. It is also home to the final Blue Ribbon Task Force report, which was widely covered by national media.

The Moak Group

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