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At The Moak Group (TMG), we craft messaging to educate, engage, and influence audiences. As such, our social media reflects our communication expertise not only as a way to build our brand and engage with peers in the field, but also as an example for potential clients to see of our work. Thus, TMG’s social media plan has been designed to highlight many of the digital strategies we use with our clients.

TMG Social iPhone
  • TMG Statue of Liberty
  • TMG Pride
  • TMG Holiday Wreath
  • TMG Olympic Rings
  • TMG Shark Week
  • TMG Pumpkin


In order to produce a wide variety of content on a weekly basis, our team came up with key buckets to include in social each week. When crafting social, we ensure that posts from each bucket are included, preventing one topic from being discussed in excess and creating a well-rounded feed.


TMG’s aesthetic revolves around our signature blue and the sleek lines found in our logo. We produce eye-catching graphics for our social media pages based on topics relevant to our work, allowing our followers to get a feel for what we do at TMG.

  • Muhammad Ali Quote Graphic
  • Michael Phelps Quote
  • Steve Prefontaine
  • Gabby Douglas Quote
  • Jesse Owens Quote
  • Typography
  • Shark Week
  • Designing for Accessibility
  • Summer Reading List
  • Do's and Don'ts of the Design Process
  • Social Analytics


TMG wants to not only share its design work with the world, but also build a distinct voice for our company in our industry that sets us apart. To do this, TMG launched #TMGInsights, a blog channel featuring industry best practices, sharing learned experiences, and reflecting on current events.


TMG’s social media presence is consistent, sleek, and exemplifies who we are as a company. While we are not able to disclose much of the work we do due to client confidentiality, our social media allows our peers, as well as potential clients, to have a glimpse into who we are and how we approach the work we do here at TMG.

The Moak Group

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