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The Moak Group (TMG) was hired by Gryphon Technologies, LC to create a new and improved digital and social presence for their company. Given Gryphon’s excellent company culture and internal structure, TMG set out to create a branding plan that allowed their values, culture, goals, and personality to reflect externally, ultimately allowing the company to use their digital and social media platforms as a tool for recruitment.

Happy Holidays From Gryphon


TMG has worked to update Gryphon Technology’s brand across digital and social platforms, increasing engagement and exposure. TMG has created an exciting vision for what it is like to work at Gryphon, allowing their social media to function as a reliable recruitment tool, a look into their corporate social responsibility, and a way to create a sense of community for employees in offices around the world.

TMG has published campaigns for Gryphon around specific cultural and company events, including Black History Month, Gryphon’s sponsorship of the Nation’s Triathlon Military Challenge, and national and military holidays.


Merging established company colors, photos, and themes with modern design aesthetics, TMG created design templates to establish consistency in Gryphon’s social media brand. Many designs feature military images covered by color overlays with strong accent lines, allowing Gryphon posts to stand out in otherwise crowded timelines.


TMG has formed a close connection with staff at Gryphon Technologies, allowing for work-flow between the companies to run smoothly. Through modernized scheduling technology and down-to-the-minute social media monitoring, Gryphon Technology’s voice as a company shines through while their messaging is expertly crafted by TMG. Working with HR, TMG creates graphics and social media copy specific to job openings at the company. These efforts are magnified by additional postings exemplifying Gryphon’s company culture, cultivated through stories and events dictated by Gryphon employees.


Since hiring TMG, Gryphon Technologies’ social media presence has improved markedly. By employing a social media strategy with the aim of accomplishing specific goals, TMG has used a deep understanding of social media analytics combined with specific knowledge about the brand to curate a winning social strategy, with analytics showing significant improvement in engagement and reach.

Engagement: Up 136%
Page Views: Up 90%
Followers: increase of 20,000%
Retweets: Up 12,000%
  • Hazel Johnson Brown
  • Alan Paul Dean Jr.
  • Katherine Johnson
  • Carl Brashear
The Moak Group

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