China Eastern Airlines


Statistics show that despite the digital revolution, today’s consumers still register a stronger emotional reaction to print advertising. It’s important to meet CEA’s customers wherever they are, and this is why print advertising remains a strong element of our media strategy for China Eastern Airlines (CEA).


The Moak Group (TMG) works to carefully select publications that target CEA’s core audiences by focusing our advertising on niche luxury publications with high readership in gateway cities to appeal to high end travelers, along with business and industry publications where CEA can connect with frequent business travelers and travel agents.

Our long-term relationships with industry advertisers allow for us to negotiate the best possible opportunities for clients like CEA at the most affordable rates and provide exclusive access to exciting value-add opportunities.


TMG supports CEA through the development of strategic, cohesive advertising campaigns. These campaigns deliver consistent and clear messaging, aesthetics, and branding. CEA’s business goals and objectives for the North American market are always top of mind and TMG works with the advertisers we identify as the best fit for specific campaigns to understand as much as we can about their readers and ensure our designs and messaging are tailored to their interests. CEA’s print ads are an extension of their brand and fit seamlessly into the overall advertising strategy and design TMG has helped them to build.


The result of CEA’s print advertising campaigns is an increased level of brand recognition and sentiment. TMG works to make CEA’s brand tangible for consumers, taking them all the way from the print ad in their hands to scanning their CEA boarding pass on the way to their next adventure. TMG ensures that CEA’s brand is associated with both luxury lifestyle and with serious business travel and is constantly working to reach the right audiences with well-branded and beautiful designs and messaging that inspires action.

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