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For Royal Air Maroc’s inaugural non-stop flight from Washington Dulles International Airport to Casablanca, Morocco, The Moak Group (TMG) set out to provide passengers with a unique pre-flight experience.

An interactive piece of the pre-flight experience was to have a Photomadic booth located near the gate entrance. With Royal Air Maroc branded photos, passengers on the flight would be able to hold onto these keepsakes for years to come. Photomadic also allowed users to share their photos online, adding a layer of digital exposure for this new flight route.

Photobooth Royal Air Maroc


TMG worked with Royal Air Maroc’s United States team to ensure the Photomatic booth was consistent with their existing brand identity.

The Photomatic booth presented TMG a twofold project, the first being to design the wrap on the outside of the booth, the second, to create photo frames along with step and repeats for passengers that would highlight the inaugural flight.


TMG wanted to make an eye-catching design for the Photomatic wrap that not only would attract passengers waiting for their flight to Morocco but also other travelers with flights in the same terminal.

For the souvenir photos, we wanted the step and repeat, along with the frames to clearly display the launch date and Royal Air Maroc branding. To provide customers with more background options, we created multiple step and repeats, including one that transports users to the sky with a Royal Air Maroc plane flying among the clouds.

Royal Air Maroc Photobooth


The Photomatic booth was the hit of the launch among passengers, with a constant line of people waiting to take their photos.

The Photomatic booth generated 3,245 impressions from photo uploads, with 164 photos taken throughout the flight launch event.

The Moak Group

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