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Using the metro for transportation is a central part of life in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. More than 3.5 million trips a month are taken on Metro Vancouver’s Canada Line, which is why The Moak Group (TMG) made train advertising a focus of China Eastern Airlines’ Vancouver market out-of-home advertising strategy. Bold, eye-catching ads were strategically positioned within train interiors to accompany full external train wraps aimed at driving local brand awareness and generating buzz.

China Eastern Train Wrap


TMG combined the expertise of local vendors with research into the demographics, behaviors, and interests of Vancouver metro riders. This knowledge was used to curate an advertising campaign intended to maximize the impact of CEA’s ads on viewers and connect their transit experience to the experiences available to them onboard CEA.


TMG used advanced graphic design capabilities to execute a design for the train cars that was both cohesive and engaging. On the outside of the train, the aim was to educate riders on the CEA brand and connectivity to Shanghai, China while previewing amenities available to CEA travelers. As riders entered the train cars, ads delved further into destinations, services, and products offered by CEA. TMG worked to ensure that no matter how riders/viewers were exposed to the train advertisements, they were able to understand the CEA brand and be educated on where to find more information regarding CEA products and services.

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TMG supports CEA through the development of strategic, cohesive advertising campaigns. These campaigns deliver consistent and clear messaging, aesthetics, and branding. CEA’s business goals and objectives for the North American market are always top of mind and TMG works with the advertisers we identify as the best fit for specific campaigns to understand as much as we can about their readers and ensure our designs and messaging are tailored to their interests. CEA’s print ads are an extension of their brand and fit seamlessly into the overall advertising strategy and design TMG has helped them to build.

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