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Spalding University looked to enhance their Alumni Association’s marketing and communication materials through the creation of alumni membership cards, a monthly newsletter template, and digital “swag” available for download.

The Moak Group (TMG), set out to create a design that could be used across the different forms of marketing collateral, as well as on the new Spalding Alumni Association website – where the collateral will also be stored.

Spalding Business Cards
Spalding Alumni Newsletter


The creation of marketing collateral was split into three parts: the alumni association membership card, newsletter template, and digital swag.

The first step was to design the newsletter card. TMG presented Spalding with multiple versions of the card, each with a different design aesthetic, and we worked together to come upon a final version. From there, using the same design aesthetic, the newsletter and the digital swag were created.


The design of the marketing collateral was created in cohesion with the Spalding University website and followed the University’s established brand guidelines. While we worked with a set aesthetic, we wanted to make sure the marketing collateral would coordinate with the main University site but could still stand on its own.

Membership cards were created in InDesign but personal information was left blank so the Spalding team could still edit it on their own without access to the Adobe creative suite.

Spalding Business Card
Zoom Background

The newsletter’s aesthetic was designed in conjunction with the membership cards. Newsletter creative was uploaded to Spalding’s CRM account and the template was saved for the team to edit in future issues.

Zoom backgrounds and GIFs (digital swag) were created in alignment with Spalding brand guidelines and aesthetic. GIFs and Zoom backgrounds were made using Spalding logos and University-owned images.


Spalding now has an entire portfolio of digital marketing creative to use at any given moment. Multiple newsletters have been executed using the TMG-created template and boast impressive open and click rates. Spalding digital swag has been uploaded to the website for use and creative has been downloaded by students, staff, and faculty alike. Membership cards are to be controlled and disseminated by the Advancement Office when requested by an alumnus.

The Moak Group

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