Gryphon Technologies, LC


Gryphon Technologies, LC’s engaged The Moak Group (TMG) to modernize their logo and brand concepts. Gryphon Technologies’ request was for a logo that featured visual elements associated with their company mascot, a gryphon, and included their company colors. The modernized logo and branding were to be used in future design projects, including social media graphics and advertisements.


TMG crafted multiple initial logo options for the client in order to get aesthetic direction. Through these drafts, TMG discovered that the client preferred designs that did not deviate greatly from the company’s original logo and progressed accordingly. Using sleek fonts and crisp lines, our team worked to modernize the classic logo, integrating new shapes and textures.


Through rounds of editing with Gryphon Technologies, the updated logo brought Gryphon into the future with a nod to the past by using previous elements to build a more modern design.


TMG worked with Gryphon Technologies, LC to create a logo-rollout plan aimed at making the transition as seamless as possible while increasing buzz around the reveal. One day before the reveal, a teaser was released across Gryphon social media. On the day of the rollout, Gryphon posted the updated logo both on their internal server, as well as externally on social media, generating an engagement rate 90% higher than other posts.

As part of this project, TMG created an updated branding manual for Gryphon. The manual included the new logo, and outlined instructions for its use, along with updated branding requirements for related Gryphon materials.

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