Sun Force Sisters


Sun Force Sisters (SFS) engaged The Moak Group (TMG) to create a brand for their new philanthropic organization. Their request was for a logo with bright colors associated with the graphic embodiment of their mission, the sun. The new logo was to be used in upcoming graphic design projects as well as in the creation of branding materials.


Because the logo was to be used in an upcoming event, the creation process for the SFS logo was time-sensitive. TMG crafted multiple initial logo options for the client in order to get aesthetic direction. Responses to these drafts showed that the client preferred logos with a women’s silhouette overlaid on a sun, and TMG’s creative team proceeded accordingly.


Through rounds of editing, a logo was created that embodied both the name and mission of the Sun Force Sisters. Using warm tones and a sun as the focal point, the new logo created an established brand for SFS, allowing more advanced branding to commence.


With the logo and branding colors solidified, TMG created social media pages for SFS as well as a website. These pages were populated with content aesthetically similar to the logo, creating a cohesive and uplifting brand. Additionally, the logo was featured in a TMG-organized event, further promoting the new brand.

The Moak Group

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