China Eastern Airlines


As the Public Relations Agency of Record for China Eastern Airlines (CEA) in North America, The Moak Group (TMG) aims to increase CEA’s brand awareness and reputation. To achieve this, one of our main strategies is leveraging influencers. TMG plans, hosts, and executes Familiarization (FAM) Trips for influencers so that they can experience and familiarize themselves with CEA’s products, services, and destinations. In turn, the influencers use their platforms to familiarize their audiences as well.


TMG selected and pitched a group of travel, luxury, and social media influencers to experience CEA on a trip to Bangkok, Thailand. Before, during, and after the trip, the influencers flooded their platforms with photo, video, and commentary content that took their audiences along on the journey. The audiences actively engaged with—and were therefore influenced by—the content because it was authentic, not promotional. They not only exposed potential new customers to CEA, but they showed them a real-life CEA experience that they can rely on and replicate.


By sharing their experiences with CEA, the influencers sparked word-of-mouth that amplified CEA’s brand. The influencers’ audiences commented, asked questions, launched conversations, and expressed interest in experiencing CEA, too. Millions of impressions and hundreds of engagements were earned for CEA, which helped bolster their overall brand awareness and ultimately increased market share and ticket sales.

The Moak Group

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