China Eastern Airlines


The Moak Group (TMG) delivers consistent, effective, and on-brand digital advertising for China Eastern Airlines (CEA) that helps them achieve their goals in the North American market, from general brand awareness to driving ticket sales.

No matter where or how a potential customer experiences a CEA digital ad, TMG ensures the branding and messaging are clear and inspires potential customers to choose CEA.

China Eastern JFK Ad


TMG carefully selects digital advertising vendors and platforms that target the audiences that matter most to CEA. TMG works closely with each partner to choose designs and messaging that matches the audience, the platform, and the conversion goal. TMG reviews results constantly and optimize each ad along the way to push for even greater results. TMG tracks ad performance from first impression to ticket sale, demonstrating the return on investment for CEA.


TMG supports CEA through the development of strategic, cohesive advertising campaigns. These campaigns deliver consistent and clear messaging, aesthetics, and branding. CEA’s business goals and objectives for the North American market are always top of mind and TMG works with the advertisers we identify as the best fit for specific campaigns to understand as much as we can about their readers and ensure our designs and messaging are tailored to their interests. CEA’s print ads are an extension of their brand and fit seamlessly into the overall advertising strategy and design TMG has helped them to build.


Digital advertising allows TMG to track, quantify, and optimize CEA’s results in real time. TMG collects data that shows CEA what their audiences respond to so that TMG can continue to drive better and better results. The result is a well-coordinated digital advertising presence that helps CEA succeed.

The Moak Group

The Moak Group

The Moak Group is a D.C.-based public affairs, advocacy, marketing, media relations, and business consulting firm. Headquartered in Washington, TMG operates around the world, providing our domestic and international clients with the expertise and support they need to succeed.
The Moak Group

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