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A steady, engaging, and beautifully branded social media presence is vital for brands, particularly in the eyes of the North American consumer. The Moak Group has worked with China Eastern Airlines (CEA) to rebuild their digital and social media presence from the ground up. In order to create true brand consistency and cohesion, we facilitate every aspect of CEA’s social media presence, from caption writing and graphic design, to post optimization and much more. This results in a brand that consumers can recognize, trust, and engage with across the platforms they’re interacting with every day.


From the beginning of The Moak Group’s work on CEA’s North American social media, we’ve strategically and methodically developed how their presence should look, sound, and feel. The Moak Group (TMG) started with the basics, by rebranding all pages with a consistent look and feel so that consumers could instantly recognize CEA, regardless of where they were engaging with CEA. TMG works hard to have CEA social appeal to business travelers, high-end leisure travelers, and adventure travelers.

TMG has chosen fonts, filters, and aesthetics that help us build posts and overall pages that work together to promote CEA’s services and destinations. TMG develops localized social media campaigns and contests that engage our audience, and continuously hone CEA’s strategy as we continue to learn more about their audience.


Each and every post is designed to be fresh and eye-catching while still building upon our overall brand aesthetic. TMG is careful to adhere to all brand guidelines, while keeping CEA’s followers engaged with new takes through our design work. TMG incorporates design and digital trends where appropriate, so CEA’s posts are always part of the conversation. TMG makes CEA’s products, services, destinations, and overall brand look beautiful and cohesive at all times by understanding what connects with and engages viewers.

CEA Social Media Images


TMG is constantly collaborating with CEA to ensure there are consistent procedures that maximize CEA’s exposure to social audiences while sharing purposeful and proactive content that is both relevant and timely.

TMG works to ensure customers are educated about CEA fares and promotions, with the goal of translating engagement from social to escalate the online conversation around CEA, and ultimately, to boost ticket sales.


TMG’s ultimate goal for CEA’s social media presence is to instill its social presence with personality and creativity that excites consumers, increases engagement, and converts that excitement to sales.

In order to connect with CEA’s audience, CEA’s brand needs to live where their passengers live—and that’s online. TMG utilizes analytics to influence our decision making and to consistently deliver the best possible results for our client.

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