Office Culture

14 Things You Learn Working at a Startup Strategic Communications Firm

by Rebecca Hendrickson • June 6, 2018

Every time I tell someone my office has less than 20 people, I get the same reaction a mixture of confusion and curiosity, accompanied with a ‘What do you mean?’ or ‘How do you like it?’. What I mean is that I work at a startup. And yeah, it’s awesome. One of the best parts […]

Company Culture

Fostering Positive Company Culture

by The Moak Group • August 16, 2017

Here at The Moak Group, we pride ourselves on our strong and unique company culture. We work in an energetic space where our ideas and talents can come together to create outstanding products for both our clients and our organization. While it takes time and patience to grow the kind of environment we have at […]

Introducing TMG Insights

by The Moak Group • July 11, 2017

Today, The Moak Group is launching TMG Insights, a new blog focused on anything and everything related to our firm, the challenges of successfully running a company like ours, and insights into the fields and industries in which we work. This blog is a collaborative effort from our team. From TMG’s founders to interns, TMG […]