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Social Listening

Social Listening 101

by Kellen Blake • October 10, 2019

Growing up, my father would always tell me, “You have two ears and one mouth for a reason, listen before you speak.” Hearing this as frequently as I did, I learned that active listening has a significant impact on a multitude of tasks. From playing sports to running a business, active listening can help improve […]

The Most Ambitious Crossover Event in History: 2020 Democratic Nominees and Their Websites

by Rebecca McTear • September 20, 2019

This post may have taken years off of my life. Picture me as Russel Crowe in A Beautiful Mind, but instead of a window and math (?) equations, I’m frantically clicking back and forth between browser tabs, checking sites on my phone, hectically writing down over 1,000 words in notes.   To protect my sanity, I […]

Put Some Motion in Your Social

by Kellen Blake • June 12, 2019

Social media has completely transformed the way content is consumed—and the amount of it. If we’re being honest, a considerable amount of my day is spent consuming said content, scrolling and scrolling until I find something that catches my eye to double-tap. Like many consumers, the content that earns my coveted ‘like’ most consistently is […]

Started as a Novice Now I'm Here

Started as a Novice Now I’m Here: A Guide to Getting Started with Graphic Design

by Kellen Blake • March 20, 2019

Digging into an art project and getting creative has always been a passion of mine. From painting to drawing to more tactile projects, art and I go *way* back. One aspect I’ve always appreciated about learning a new creative skill is the ROI that comes with the investment of time and patience. That’s why, after […]

How to Hashtag Like a Pro

How to Hashtag Like a Pro

by Jody Greene • January 9, 2019

When it comes to creating a social media strategy, having a plan in place for how and when you use hashtags is a must. From forming connections between those interacting with your brand to exposing your content to new and relevant users, these small-but-mighty hyperlinked keywords can be the difference between a social campaign getting […]