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Business Management

Why Brand Management is the Insurance Your Company Needs

by Ellen Huber • October 5, 2017

Why Brand Management is the Insurance Your Company Needs Imagine that you’ve invested millions of dollars and hundreds—if not thousands—of hours building your brand. Your logo is perfect, your website is flawless, and your physical and digital ads earn millions of impressions. You think that you’ve ticked off all the boxes for brand success now, […]

Brand Activation

Launching Viral-Worthy Brand Activations

by Ellen Huber • August 30, 2017

Whenever a company introduces a new product or service, or launches an existing product or service in a new market, it’s first and most important hurdle is reaching its audience in a memorable way. Traditional marketing techniques such as newspaper and television ads are important, but a marketing tool known as a brand activation—a campaign […]

Image depicting people walking through foreign markets

Navigating Foreign Markets & Avoiding Fatal Missteps

by Ellen Huber • July 27, 2017

More and more, companies are extending their reach into foreign markets. Although market expansion has become more common in recent years, these business endeavors are often short-lived. What’s to blame? In a nutshell, it’s companies undervaluing the importance of embracing local preferences and culture. Successfully marketing a foreign company in a domestic market is no […]