Quarantine: a word that we’ve all said more in the past month than most of us have in our lifetimes combined. This word holds many negative associations: isolation, loneliness, and a long list of all the activities we’re limiting in order to slow the spread of COVID-19.

While these associations are fair, our team has been working to make the best of this unusual and surreal experience. Due to the nature of our work, we’re lucky to be able to work from home and implement tactics that help us stay happy and productive within the walls of our homes.

Read on for a sampling of what we’ve been practicing, and remember to stay active, stay safe, and wash your hands:

Sarah Boland Heine – Vice President

As a naturally anxious person, this new reality has been quite overwhelming at times. To help me stay balanced, I’ve been focused on two things: 1) my Google calendar and 2) finding a way to feel like I’m contributing to the greater good.

Google calendar?? You might think this is a strange one, but as someone who thrives on routine and planning, this new atypical, non-structured reality has been hard for me to adjust to- so, making sure I continue to keep my day blocked out, even if it’s 8-9 am workout (at home), 9 am-12 pm work (at home),…, 6-7 pm play Legos Star Wars on PS4 (at home), etc, has been incredibly helpful for me.

Also, the feeling of things going to hell in a handbasket (please excuse my French), and just bunkering down at home while so many are working hard to get us through this, has also been contributing to my general sense of anxiety. So, I’m now spending Tuesday afternoons helping to run a local food pantry (don’t worry- all necessary social distancing and health safety precautions are in place!), I’m helping to manage my hometown database on a website listing local restaurants that are open and what they are offering during this crisis (check it out- Dining at a Distance is live in many cities and if yours isn’t included yet, you could help start it locally!), and I’ve dusted off my sewing machine and have been making washable masks for my family and greater community.

Susan Fielders – Vice President, Office Administration

Recently, I joined a group on social media for daily workouts. Each day a new workout is posted with instructions/videos which motivated me to join the group since I was able complete the workout at home. I am known as a multi-tasker and would be catching up on a show or news while working out. With social distancing, I have changed my workout time to no distractions and not rushing to check this task off my list. I am now taking my time to self-reflect and building strength.

Rebecca McTear – Creative Director

Reading. Reading. Reading. It was my New Year’s Resolution that hit a road bump at the start February. Part of my focus towards this has been building lists of books I want to read and track which books I end up reading. By tracking my reading, I have found it gives me a bit of extra motivation to pick up a book instead of my phone. I based my list on this guide of the ultimate reading spreadsheet. You can see my list here and click on sheet 2 for a list of my future reads.

Rebecca Hendrickson – Communications Strategist

Aside from tuning into every Harry Potter marathon that airs on TV, I’ve been keeping my mind and my hands busy these past few weeks with crafts. Any craft you can think of, I’ve probably done it – or attempted it. Embroidery? Check. Jewelry-making? Check. Painting? Check. Knitting? Check. Not only does crafting provide me with a creative outlet, just the ability to finish a project right now marks a small win in my book.

At this point in time, I’m a firm believer that it’s the small wins that keep us going. Whether it’s waking up early to get ready before you start the (tele)workday, taking an online workout class, or powering through a 2,000 piece puzzle when your puppy keeps eating the pieces (you can do it, @Becca McTear!), keep doing it! Feeling a sense of accomplishment in uncertain times like these is unmatched.

Jody Greene – Communications Strategist

As an enneagram 7, my impulse to get up and go frequently overpowers my instincts to be mindful. With many of my “get up and go” options eliminated by social-distancing, I’ve taken this as an opportunity to slow down and practice mindfulness. Is doing a puzzle on the agenda for 3 pm (yes, I’ve been making agendas)? Rather than instinctively turning on the TV or Facetiming a friend, I’ve been working on doing the puzzle in silence and appreciating the moment I’m in. While multi-tasking is where I’m comfortable, this bizarre time has allowed me to work on focusing my attention to one activity fully.

Vanessa Vergara – Intern

Aside from working out and finally binge-watching Love is Blind, I’ve been joining a bunch of virtual communities. I get to meet new people and learn a thing or two in the process, so it’s a win-win. There are so many out there! From meditation groups to webinars to writing workshops – there’s something out there for everyone. My favorites right now are Dance Church, an online dance class that teaches you moves like the lawnmower (seriously, just try it) and Live!, a series of Instagram live streams that feature designers and connects creatives from around the world.

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