At TMG, a successful paid media plan starts with research and a clear understanding of our client’s objectives, goals, and target audience. We must understand who we are targeting and then build a plan for how best to speak meaningfully and consistently across a mix of advertising channels to reach our target audience where they live, work, and play. Curious about how we achieve this? Read on for a glimpse into our process.

Build an Audience

As we begin building a plan, we craft an audience profile based on our client’s campaign objectives, and also tap into our own media expertise, so that we know the exact customer segment to target.

We focus on behaviors such as age and income levels, where they live, how do they get to work, where they work, where to they travel and how often, how do they get their news, and more. Once we know exactly who we are targeting, we begin to research the perfect advertising mix and budget needed to effectively reach this audience demographic.

Build a Flow Chart

Some clients have an advertising budget that’s set, while other clients ask us to build and submit a budget to them based on our knowledge of the market and how best to achieve their business goals. Through years of building and executing media buys, and knowing what works best through personal experience, we build a media plan and flow chart that outlines how to reach the target audience that includes the type of advertising selected (digital, out-of-home, print, etc.), market/city/coverage areas, and the duration of each buy over the course of weeks or months.

Each advertising flow chart we draft presents the duration of each advertising channel along with a line-item budget that when added together offers the total budget for the full media buy. The budget is based on our media buying expertise of the market and knowing what is needed to have an effective campaign.

We also routinely reach out directly to our advertising partners and negotiate budgets and campaigns based on our needs and by leveraging long-time personal relationships to ensure we get the best rate and an overall solid value for our client.

Come Up with a Creative Vision

Once we have firmed the advertising plan with a flow chart and budget, next up is to begin designing effective, inspirational creative. Whether it’s brand building or selling airline tickets, our team comes together to brainstorm creative ideas for how best to sell the product or promote the brand to meet our client’s business goals. While strictly following brand guidelines, we use our knowledge of the local market and audience to design ads that speak directly to them in local context and deliver consistent and clear messaging, aesthetics, and branding.

Time to Execute

When we have client approval of the overall campaign plan, budget, and ad design, it’s time to execute the media buy and begin sending specific creatives to each vendor. Throughout the duration of the campaign we monitor results, especially digital buys, and optimize the buys and/or creative when needed.

Tracking the budget is important as the campaign progresses and monitoring invoices and payments on behalf of our client. We execute advertising campaigns in many countries, using different currencies, and therefore must pay close attention to exchange rates to make sure not to go over budget. This comes with years of experience and knowing how to manage a flawless campaign from start to finish.

Monitor the Campaign

Throughout a client’s campaign, it’s important to stay abreast of what’s happening in the world from a news perspective and make adjustments to the campaign when required. For example, if we are executing a media buy on behalf of an airline client, we will immediately pause a campaign if there is an incident somewhere in the world involving a commercial flight or airliner. We also work with digital partners to ensure a client’s ad is not served next to inappropriate news coverage, content, or website. It’s details like these that our clients expect and deserve when working with TMG and it sets us apart from our competitors.

While this is a quick overview of TMG’s media buying process, it’s a good glance into the strategic and integrated approach we take when building and executing campaigns. It’s also all about the details and having eagle eyes as we review every step of the process to make sure nothing gets overlooked and we provide the best buying experience for our client with campaign results exceeding their expectations.

Seem like a lot? At The Moak Group, it’s what we do. Drop us a line and let us help you create and execute a winning media strategy.

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