Spring is in full bloom here in DC. The cherry blossoms are blossoming, allergies are flaring up, and the Nationals’ ominous Bryce Harper-less season is upon us. But along with spring also comes the ever-stressful activity of spring cleaning.

If you’re anything like the members of Team TMG, you’ve already KonMari-ed your entire home the day after binge-watching Tidying Up on Netflix and you should be alright on the cleaning front. But you’re not totally off the hook – we could all stand to carve out some time to organize the processes that set us up for marketing success.

⏪  Let’s go back, back to the beginning 

In the marketing world, timing is everything. You wouldn’t market your winter clothing line in the summer, right? Right. Just like I wouldn’t have opened this blog by talking about fall, the leaves changing, and the upcoming football season. Too meta? Possibly, but you get my point.

I promise there’s a point to all of this.

Does content planning have anything to do with spring? Not particularly, but that’s what made this blog relevant and timely. One part of my job at The Moak Group is building out social media calendars for clients, and I know first-hand how hard it can be to think of new, exciting content when you’re marketing the same products and services year in and year out. So, that’s where I look to calendars that we’ve taken the time to create, organize, and use as a creative tool.

There’s a holiday for that

Looking to pencil in a date to face your fears and finally go skydiving or swimming with sharks? You’re in luck. Face Your Fears day just happens to be celebrated on the second Tuesday of October. What about an excuse to skip the crowded metro and take a nice stroll to work? Put your walking shoes on because Walk to Work Day is celebrated the first Friday of April every year.

You’re probably thinking ‘but what if I’m not a skydiving or sneaker company?’ That’s where you’re going to have to get creative and think out of the box.

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One brand that does a great job of marketing for specific seasons and holidays is Sharpie. For a company that produces something as mundane as permanent markers, they find a way to incorporate their brand and products into almost every facet of life. Just take their Groundhog Day post. What do Groundhog Day and Sharpie have in common? Seemingly nothing, right? But with some creativity and a little graphic design work, they found a genius way to connect their brand and the holiday.

What was the result? A marketing win on multiple fronts. Not only did they create a cute video to share with their audience, they managed to make their brand relevant to an otherwise irrelevant holiday, and also garnered exposure from new audiences by accompanying their post with the holiday’s hashtag.

Sharpie isn’t the only brand doing this on social media. Let’s also take a look at Post-It’s International Women’s Day post.

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Lift each other up. #happyinternationalwomensday

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Instead of posting a photo of the women that work at Post-it or creating a graphic to celebrate the holiday, Post-it showed exactly how you can use their product to celebrate IWD: write some positive affirmations on Post-its and present them to the women in your life. Again, this gets Post-it in on the #IWD conversation, while simultaneously marketing their product.

Moral of the story?

Let me start this conclusion by laying down a disclaimer: you do not have to be an office supply company to create great holiday-specific content like these companies. But the reason I chose these examples is because it goes to show that as long as you have a product or service, no matter how boring may be, all it takes is a little bit of creativity and a quirky holiday to take your content to the next level. Did this blog have to be spring themed? Nope. Did I write it this way to keep it relevant on timelines? Sure did.

Still need help? No worries, just drop us a line. Let us put our creativity to work, and you can watch your social media strategy bloom.