Creating engaging content day after day is a difficult task for even the most exciting brands to maintain. The goal of any good communications strategy is to keep a brand’s creative theme cohesive without the content becoming static and dull. At times, however, this can be a difficult task. Unless you have a constant flow of creative assets,  there’s a good chance you won’t always have an engaging image to share when it comes time to post. So what’s a content creator to do? You want to maintain your social presence, but you don’t want to jeopardize your brand, or worse, bore your audience.

Our saving grace? Creating illustrations that bring dull posts a new life and evade audience boredom. Follow along as I rate typical boring social media posts brands share on a 1 to 5 Bored Becca rating, followed by an illustrative solution.

Photo: You want it to be of a dinosaur, but you don’t have a picture

Bored Becca Rating: 0 out of 5 Bored Becca’s BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T POST ANYTHING

The earth started with a big bang, dinosaurs roamed the earth, cavepeople discovered fire- all of these things happened without an iPhone handy. Where photographs fail, illustrations can be an asset. Not only can you illustrate non-photographed events, you can also present abstract ideas.

A great example is a recent campaign put out by Invision. Rather than looking into the past for a photographed event, they set their sights towards the future. In their latest design concept, the app uses illustrations of the final frontier to share their most recent survey findings. The space illustrations perfectly complement the overall goal of the report.

Post sharing how to save money on health insurance

Bored Becca Rating: 4 out of 5 Bored Beccas

Everyone needs/should have health insurance, but I can tell you right now no one will do a double take on this extra boring text post. You will never gain followers this way.

Just because you work in a field that the outside world has deemed boring (accountants I’m looking at you), doesn’t make it true. Oscar Insurance has utilized digital illustrations to stand apart from others in their field. Their content features bright, colorful illustrations to help educate their audience. The post below could have been a boring image of all of these items, but instead, Oscar health has inserted a playfulness that stands out on consumer’s Instagram feeds while educating them about insurance.

Photo of a computer screen

Bored Becca Rating: 3 out of 5 Bored Beccas

Your company is some sort of internet service, application etc. The only way to show your service off is by presenting the device that allows your business to run…a computer. Nope! Not even close. How does a picture of a computer show your specific product off? You are not Steve Jobs or Bill Gates or Paul Allen (but if you are, welcome to TMG Insights it is a pleasure to have you here), so this is not your product.

Guess what can be a workaround for boring computer shots? Say it with me, il-lustra-tions. Illustrations can show your product in use, without recording your screen. A company that does it right is MailChimp. MailChimp makes sending an email an exciting experience. Watch below as the MailChimp monkey shows us how easy it is to send an email using their service.

A post that says one in five people do blank

Bored Becca Rating: 5 out of 5 Bored Beccas


Numbers and stats are an essential tool to help shape the narrative of your product or service, but they should not be the sole visual. Data lends itself extremely well to visualization through illustration. Illustrator Mona Chalabi has fun with the data she shares to her audience. She has tackled topics such as when people typically file their taxes, Australian Immigration, and in the example below, nepotism worldwide. Who knew nepotism could be so amusing?! (Instagram Post)

Looking to implement illustrations in your design strategy but don’t know where to start? The Moak Group is here to help. Drop us a line.

Rebecca McTear