On most occasions, hitting update on your WordPress site doesn’t drastically change the look or feel of the WordPress editor. That was until WordPress 5.0. With this new update, everything on the backend of your site looks different. No need to be afraid or intimidated- The Moak Group is here to help!

While the new update contains some essential improvements and fixes, its highlight feature is a brand-new WordPress editor ‘Gutenberg.’ Important note: before you update to 5.0, make sure your website theme is compatible, along with the plugins on your site.

Now let’s dive in and walk you through the new software.

What’s New

There’s a new editor in town and its name is Gutenberg. The major buzz about the 5.0 update is the new block-based editor. WordPress created this drag and drop system in hopes of making their software more user-friendly and to allow users to create web pages with ease. This system solves the problem of older WordPress versions, which simply featured a text window and made things more complicated for users who wanted to add images or videos to their pages. For those of you who may get distracted by the new sidebar, don’t worry- there is an option for you to hide the bar and enter a full-screen mode.

Block Options

Want to add a Youtube video? There is a block for that. Want to insert a heading? There is a block for that as well!

When you begin composing a page or post with Gutenburg, you’re provided a plethora of options to build your page using element blocks. Commonly used element blocks are front and center, including paragraph text, heading text, image block, list block, quote block and more. If you are unable to find a specific element, users can use the search function at the top of element selector.

Toolbar and Sidebar Function

Each individual block now has their own toolbar with general settings options. On the right sidebar, there are also advance editing options for the same block.

Pre-Guetenburg, if you wanted to recreate elements in a post, users were reliant on their knowledge of HTML to format the content be an exact match. Not anymore! With the new block-based software, users have the ability to reuse blocks with a quick click of the duplicate button. For those of you with a specific website aesthetic, this feature may come in handy. 

Worried about your old content? Don’t be. If you have content that was created prior to updating your WordPress to 5.0 you can still edit it the old way. There is also an option for you to convert your content and edit it with the new block system. Whatever you prefer!

Other Features

The new WordPress update also brings us a new default theme called Twenty Nineteen. While WordPress 5.0 was under construction, developers took the time to create new plugins and themes that are compatible with Gutenberg. A great new feature that’s been added is the ability to preview HTML. This allows users to apply custom HTML inside of a block while being able to preview their work all in the editor. Other notable features that are included in this update are: 

  • Security Updates
  • Improved Mobile Optimization 
  • Crop Background Images 
  • Front-end Editor

With growth must come change but if you give WordPress a shot and decide that you don’t like it don’t fret, WordPress still allows you to install the classic editor and create your ideal webpage that way. For help with everything from web design to rebranding, Team TMG has you covered. Just drop us a line here.