A passion for the airline industry led me to TMG, where we serve many aviation clients, among others in a diverse set of industries, and where I oversee our international marketing and public relations practice. I enjoy working at TMG and the fun challenge of working with international clients every day that need Team TMG to help them reach local markets. We work with companies, including foreign global airlines that fly to cities across the US and Canada, that are selling their product in an overseas market and know the importance of having a local marketing and public relations partner on-the-ground to build brand awareness and increase sales. That is where TMG comes in.

We live and work in a crowded space and are constantly bombarded with promotions and advertisements that we subconsciously think of as just clutter. It’s our job to make our client’s message and brand stand out, and, in the end, increase sales and meet key performance indicators through effective marketing and communications tactics. We build a client’s brand voice, sometimes starting with little-to-no brand recognition, by using meaningful and relevant content and focusing on exactly who we need to target and determining how best to reach these people.

When drafting marketing strategies for clients, one focus for TMG is to build cultural empathy into our marketing and public relations plans. We help our clients think about how their customers use and react to certain products and services differently and adapt our client’s messaging and marketing appropriately. By including this tactic in our marketing strategy, we align our clients with the local market and better understand the culture. This allows us to work with the client to plan accordingly with marketing campaigns, social media promotions, and more.

At TMG, we also build and promote brands with eye-catching and buzz-worthy ads, promotions, events, marketing material, and more that’s all coordinated in-house by our skilled creative team. We are a one-stop shop, which is extremely beneficial to our clients, as it simplifies the creative, marketing, public relations, and event management process.  We don’t work in silos at TMG – we are truly a team – and that is a benefit that has proven to generate better work quality for clients.

Our international marketing and public relations work come full circle by combining public and influencer media relations with international marketing strategies. One TMG client, an airline that transports nearly 100 million passengers annually, relies on us to generate market buzz through earned media channels. We find relevant media and influencers and get them talking about our client’s global connectivity, destinations, and onboard product by using authentic voices to truly connect with the target audience and generate an emotional connection with the brand.

Having a combined marketing and public relations partner, especially for foreign companies that may not be familiar with marketing in the US, is key to success. The investment made by a business or organization in our firm’s services yields greater awareness and results versus going at it alone or relying on a head office that is located abroad to do the work. If you are looking to grow your company’s brand with one consistent voice, achieve revenue and sales targets, or generate buzz in the market about your products and services, we are the one-stop solution you’ve been looking for. TMG’s marketing and public relations practice is here to help you achieve results, and I hope we can connect with you soon.

Boyd Bailey
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