At The Moak Group, we strive to deliver the greatest value to our clients at a reasonable cost. We emphasize efficiency, but never at the cost of performance. To ensure that we are always operating at our highest levels, and therefore maximizing our resources, we have implemented some small changes to our office to help improve employee health, which increases work performance outcomes:

Standing Desks

There is a tremendous amount of science available that points to the disadvantages of sitting all day in a chair at a desk.  Increased (long-term) risk of heart disease, increased anxiety, back problems, and decreased productivity are just a few of the well-documented negative effects of a sedentary workstation.

That is one of the reasons we offer all our employees the opportunity to work at a standing desk. Now, in truth, not everyone has taken us up on this offer. Some are still coming around the idea of standing, rather than sitting, for all or most of their day. But in the interest of our employees’ health, and productivity, we’ve given everyone the option and many are enjoying the health and productivity benefits of standing all or part of their day. Our DC office building also has a gym, which is available for our team to use, which has great facilities for stretching, strength training, and cardio work.


Another small change that we are implementing is chocolate. Yep, chocolate. A small amount of dark chocolate before a meeting can help to stimulate the brain just enough to increase focus and help meetings go a little smoother, thereby increasing productivity. It might not be immediately noticeable, but scientific research confirms it works.  This is especially important when a few hours removed from the last meal. Research shows that when we are hungry, our brain functions are degraded. Specifically, our decision-making process is often corrupted at some level, and we are more likely to make mistakes or take unnecessary risks. To combat hunger, and to stimulate the brain, a little dark chocolate can help make a meeting run much better, delivering better value to our clients and better outcomes for our team.


Finally, research has shown that hydration is an important tool for high cognitive and mental performance. At TMG, we offer our employee’s filtered water, carbonated water (from a Soda-Stream, reducing our carbon footprint), and of course, coffee and tea. And while coffee actually mildly decreases hydration, it is delicious, it is an effective brain stimulant, and we love it. We encourage our employees to drink regularly throughout the day, not just when thirsty, to stay hydrated, ensuring peak performance. The benefits outweigh the time lost to bathroom breaks.

Michael Robbins

Michael Robbins

Founder & COO at The Moak Group
Michael Robbins' unique crossover work in government, communications, and corporate leadership gives his clients the benefit of a tactician who can navigate them through the challenges that come with working in Washington, DC.
Michael Robbins