Here at TMG, almost every project we work on is collaborative. Whether it’s a blog post or a marketing plan, several pairs of eyes will pass over anything that we deliver to a client, even if it’s just to double check spelling and grammar. Therefore, we need to choose and implement the best tools to make sure that, no matter what we are working on, Team TMG can collaborate across platforms and keep track of every project’s many steps.

Two online resources that are favorites of Team TMG, and that we use to keep us working as creatively, seamlessly, and collaboratively as possible, are Wrike and Dropbox.


When a company has as many long-term and overlapping projects as we do, smaller tasks can far too easily fall through the cracks. When that happens, it can derail the progress or timeline of an entire project. Everyone on Team TMG works on multiple assignments at once, so we rely on Wrike to make sure nothing slips our minds.

Wrike is an extremely useful online task management resource that lets every one of us track both our own tasks and those of our coworkers.

From an individual perspective, Wrike allows me to keep my tasks, due dates, and notes in one easy to use interface. Every morning I get an automated email from Wrike detailing both my tasks for the day and those left over from the day before. Having that email in my inbox every morning allows me to start the day with a full understanding of what is on my plate, and with that information I know whether or not I can realistically add anything else to my workload.

Sometimes, for the sake of productivity, a professional just has to say no to additional projects for the day, and Wrike helps us make sure we know where that line is.

Wrike is also extremely collaborative. If I am leading a new project, I can create tasks on Wrike and assign them to my coworkers’ accounts. I can assign a due date and add files and notes to make sure the assignment is clear. If they have any questions, they can tag me and anyone else in the notes section to ask for advice or clarification. Furthermore, Wrike just announced Outlook integration, which will make the service even more useful for Team TMG.


Dropbox works wonders for us here at The Moak Group. Its ease of use, cross platform support, and collaborative features make it the perfect way to store files for a team constantly on the go. Dropbox allows us to edit and share our files without worrying about making a costly mistake. If I accidentally move or delete an important file, Dropbox lets me go back and restore it easily. If there are changes to a document that I don’t recognize, I can use the “version history” feature to find out what happened and, if necessary, restore the document.

Dropbox is also very collaborative. Unlike personal accounts, Team TMG uses a business account that allows team members to share folders and files either with the whole team or relevant individuals. There are no longer files flying through email after email, when a new file is added or updated, a quick message saying “it’s in the ______ folder” is all you need to share it.

Finally, Dropbox’s cross platform support is unparalleled. Team TMG travels constantly, so the ability to access and edit documents in a variety of ways is crucial to our success. With Dropbox, we can edit a document from our computers, our phones, and, thanks to their partnership with Microsoft Office Online, on any browser.

There are many task manager and cloud storage options on the market, but Wrike and Dropbox work perfectly our team. The flexibility they offer allows us to work efficiently and collaboratively wherever and however we want.

Christian Lange

Christian Lange

Fellow at The Moak Group
Christan Lange is a student at Georgetown University and currently a Fellow at The Moak Group.
Christian Lange

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