Here at The Moak Group, we’re neither a traditional public relations firm nor your standard government affairs shop. We’ve blended both lines of work and added business strategy, marketing and sales, investor relations, and 360 campaign/nonprofit management practice to our suite of client services. Future posts in this section of TMG Insights will focus on explaining and analyzing specific issues, but since policy work runs in our veins at TMG, we wanted to first outline our unique approach that helps our clients mitigate risk, reduce negative exposure, and expertly position them with key stakeholders.

Here’s how we do it:

Advance Policy Goals

One aspect of our strategy is aiding the advancement of policy goals – both big and small. Government relations efforts should take your company’s best ideas and highlight them. We do this by constructing a comprehensive strategy that overcomes hurdles, addresses important legislative and legal issues, and helps you prepare for reputational crises beyond your control.

For successful campaigns, it’s important to understand the nuances of the legislative process. To do this, you must understand how to impact the policy process in a meaningful way and figure out how your company can act accordingly.


Integrating policy strategies is challenging at first, but success doesn’t look the same across different industries or issues. Whether it’s working within a Congressional committee to influence legislation being drafted, working with the White House Office of Management and Budget to move a regulation from draft to law, or ensuring the right staffer at an agency is armed with the facts and the talking points on a key issue before an interagency meeting, achieving policy success requires an understanding of the law and using it to help move toward your goals.

Tips to Achieve Success

Team TMG lends decades of expertise to our clients, and having experience in the policy field is a huge benefit. Even if you’ve never touched a policy document, however, you can find the tools to succeed.

Mobilizing your network and leveraging your relationships with people who do have policy experience is an excellent starting point. Bringing these people onto a project can help you prepare for obstacles you didn’t know existed, and help you gain a more nuanced insight into the policy world. Whatever your industry, having a seat at the table is essential to fulfilling your mission while maximizing your value. Make sure to have your eyes and ears spread across your city for connections that are respected, knowledgeable, and focused.

Policy is fun work for us here at TMG. As former Congressional staffers and Executive Branch appointees, we enjoy procedure and respect the process. Importantly, we also understand how this work is only one element of a successful mission. That is why we are more than just a policy and advocacy firm. We blend our public relations and strategic communications to ensure long term success.

Michael Robbins