Young professionals in the District are always on the move. If you aren’t at the office, you’re playing in your company’s kickball league, volunteering with a local organization, or at a networking event. Networking is one of the most valuable uses of your time in DC. Attending events puts you in the same room as like-minded individuals where informal conversations can provide industry-specific advice as well as lead to future business opportunities.

It’s not just the “networking” aspect of networking that is a crucial part of any successful career- it’s building the skillset of being comfortable in a room full of people, many whom you may not know, and stepping outside your comfort zone to find ways to connect with those present. It’s something that can be incredibly intimidating, even for seasoned professionals. But, if you aren’t participating, you’re missing out on making face-to-face first impressions and opportunities to step out of your daily routine while circulating the name of your company and expanding your industry knowledge.

Breakfast Networking

In DC, more and more events are being held over breakfast. The early time slot accommodates the busy schedules of professionals looking to further their careers while balancing heavy workloads and varying work schedules.

Mingling over juice and pastries has become a monthly ritual. Just last week, members of Team TMG went to The Washington Post’s Securing Tomorrow with David Ignatius and Senator Corker (R-TN).

Securing Tomorrow

It’s hard to imagine that people could be excited to network before they’ve had their first cup of coffee, but members of media outlets seem frequently ready to grow their network promptly at 8:00 am.

Sen. Corker, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, opened The Washington Post’s Securing Tomorrow event by discussing the Russia Sanctions bill and the emphasized the importance of recognizing the impact and consequences of their interference in the 2016 presidential election. Sen. Corker stated that the U. S’s relationship with Russia is the worst it’s been since 1991 and assured audience members that Congress is closely monitoring Russia’s actions in response to the bill.

There’s never a dull moment in DC, and this event was no different. Part of what is so remarkable about being in this city is the opportunity to be part of the news as it’s happening. It was during this event that President Trump’s tweet regarding his transgender military ban was published. It broke during the second half of the event, and we had the opportunity to engage with the senator as the audience reacted to the news in real-time.

(Net)work It

Every networking event is a learning experience, and the morning breakfast at The Washington Post was no exception. While you may not agree with everything that’s said, it’s always worth getting out of your comfort zone and seeing things from a different point of view.

Inspired to get out there and pass out your card? Check out this list of all the networking events going on in DC. If you find yourself in a room full of strangers and don’t know where to start- there may very well be a friendly face in the crowd- just look for a member of Team TMG. We’re always excited to meet new people.

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