Here at The Moak Group, we pride ourselves on our strong and unique company culture. We work in an energetic space where our ideas and talents can come together to create outstanding products for both our clients and our organization.

While it takes time and patience to grow the kind of environment we have at TMG, we’ve compiled some of the tips that have helped shape our company culture into what it is today.

Choosing the Right Team Members:

It’s no secret that a potential hire must be qualified for a position in order to join the team. While interviewing, however, credentials beyond degrees and previous job experience contribute to being considered for a position. At TMG, we consider many factors before making hires, including the creative abilities a potential hire can add to our team.

As an extremely collaborative office, we look for problem solvers, critical thinkers, and self-starters. Many people have the ability to successfully work in an office, however, it takes vibrant, enthusiastic, and passionate individuals to help build the culture we strive to maintain.


Oftentimes, bureaucratic structures with rigid hierarchies can lead to greater-than-thee mindsets and silo-ed work environments. At TMG, however, we focus on cross-team collaboration that utilizes team member strengths where they are most needed. We know that great ideas can come from anyone, regardless of age or tenure. We go out of our way to ensure that our employees feel valued not solely by the specific skill set they may bring to the table, but also by the potential that they have to grow in their role and expand their personal portfolio to foster positive development.

This mindset is one of the driving forces behind our open office layout. Our desks promote constant communication between team members to check-in on ideas as well as ask for help whenever needed. We integrate Interns with CEOs and Strategists with Vice Presidents because we know each member of team TMG has something valuable to add. Here at The Moak Group, we believe that many brains are better than one.

More than Co-Workers:

A key to our collaborative co-working is going beyond our jobs and spending time together outside the office. We make a point of gathering for activities such as enjoying music and culture at the National Gallery of Art’s Jazz in the Gardens series, testing our critical thinking and communication while “Escaping The Room”, or rooting on our local baseball team, the Washington Nationals, on a summer evening. The opportunity to get to know one another in a fun environment grows our relationships and continues to build respect and consideration for our team as a whole.

Creating a Space Where Innovative and Creative Ideas Can Grow:

Our office is located the heart of Washington, D.C., giving us access to numerous lunch options, commuter choices, and political excitement- an important part of our metropolitan company culture.

At our 9th street office, we know the importance of a modern, comfortable work space that motivates our team and makes us enthusiastic to come to work. Our downtown workspace is filled with bright colors, couches that are conducive to collaboration, integrated technology, and white board walls that allow us to spread our creative ideas throughout the office.

These are the things that work for us, but every company’s culture is a little different. Check out these great tips from Harvard Business Review to get your team on the right track.

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