A company’s public image is everything. Public Relations and image management is an essential part of any successful organization. The objective of PR is to get the word about you, your company, or your product to potential customers through compelling story telling that targets a specific audience. These campaigns educate your followers about the contributions of your organization, enhance your brand recognition, and make your company relevant by placing you right in front of your target audience. PR is a tool for building relationships with the right people and organizations to further the goals of your organization.

It can be challenging to differentiate marketing and public relations, so let’s start by teasing the two apart:

Marketing promotes goods and services to be sold to a consumer at a profit. Public relations promotes goodwill and communication between the company and consumer.

PR can be a component of your marketing strategy, but the two produce different types of consumer engagement. Having strong public relations does not require a huge budget.

Focus on a specific audience that reaches beyond your customer base and includes industry leaders, analysts, and trendsetters. This focus will create a large circle of actors that share common interests and can work together to advance the understanding and exposure of industry specific issues.

A well-constructed public relations campaign will benefit your organization in the following ways:

Improve your reputation and credibility.

Trust plays a significant role in your business’ success. A lack of trust in an organization can turn customers away and indicates the need for strong PR campaigns to help establish your brand while attracting positive attention. Consumers are more likely to engage with your business if they know what it stands for- being honest and transparent are key elements for both internal and external communication.

Change the way people think about your company.

PR campaigns can change public opinion and raise awareness of the work your company is doing. Using PR to communicate messages that promote your brand value can effectively appeal to and mobilize a larger audience.

Give you control.

Crafted campaigns give your company the capacity to create messages and strategically place them where your audience will find them. By tailoring information, you can calculate the response and determine the impact messaging will have on your audience. It is especially important to communicate your message to gain allies, advocators, and supporters in the industry as well as crafting a unique brand message to makes people remember you are and what you value.

Strengthen community relations.

New connections mean building ties with the local market by attending functions, joining groups, donating time to causes related to your business. Being an active member of a community establishes your credibility with consumers and indicates your awareness of local issues. Frequent engagement can elevate the trust and respect your company receives, and yield a more positive perception of the company. 

Boost your industry perception.

PR efforts that keep employees in the loop about strategic plans and invite feedback help to improve internal public relations. By cultivating a supportive workplace, your company’s efforts and effective performance will get you noticed throughout your industry.

Employ cost effective marketing.

Carefully crafted PR messages are a cost-effective way to communicate with an audiencePress releases, social media, and websites that publish your PR content are viewed by large numbers of people and the search engines look favorably on this type of content, which means they can increase your online exposure.

Public Relations is not a “one size fits all” market. It is essential to figure out which strategies and campaigns are right for your organization. Highlighting your individuality and creative spirit will help you engage with your consumers and make a lasting impression. When used effectively, PR campaigns are excellent for communicating specific messages to your audience and exciting them about the developments in your industry.  PR aims to craft a story about your business for your audience. Make sure your story is informative, creative, and engaging.

Not sure where to get started? As always, TeamTMG is here to help your company accomplish your PR and business goals.

Sarah Heine