A public relations agency is constantly strategizing how it can best shape the narrative surrounding its clients. However, an agency cannot forget about the brand it wants to convey for itself. That is why we launched TMG Insights. Team TMG wants to provide a window into what makes Team TMG successful. We want you, the reader, to understand what it is we do and why we are here. It is important for any PR agency to market itself in a way that attracts people to it. If we don’t market ourselves well, how can we expect clients to want us to do the same for them?

If you’re looking to launch a blog, there are several factors to consider for your blog to be successful.  The first question is- what sort of content will be most valuable for your intended audience? That is the content you should be generating. It’s relevant, timely, and useful. You must do more than just occasionally update your blog. That’s not a recipe for success. You must have a clear content strategy. That starts with determining the type of content you think will be effective. A blog should be a place to learn about an agency’s expertise in the industry and the services it provides.

Once you establish the sort of content you are going to showcase, it is time to create a process by which you generate content. To create a blog at scale, there needs to be many players who can each play a different role. An effective blog involves employees at all levels & isn’t just written by an intern with no expertise in that area. An efficient blog team has an editor, a social media manager, & someone else strategizing working together to generate effective content.

The next step to launching a successful blog is determining the subject matter experts in your office. Each blog should have a specific voice and author. Agencies don’t have ideas, people do. By showcasing the various subject matter experts within your office, you can humanize our brand and legitimize who you are as an agency.

For example, when we share TMG Insights on traditional media, those insights are going to come from Team TMG member Noah Walker, just as when we post about web design or digital strategy, Rebecca McTear’s got the answers. Sarah Boland Heine might provide you insights around narrative building for public relations campaigns or what to do in a crisis, while Mike Wascom is an expert in government relations. Every member of your team has something to say, and a story worth telling. A blog allows you to share all of this in a way that is informative, engaging, and accessible.

Steps to launching a blog:

To create an effective blog, you must have a clear process for generating content:

  • The first step in generating content is brainstorming. Here at TMG, we are big believers in the collective power of teamthink when making decisions and generating ideas around how best to serve our clients, so we took the same approach to this project.
  • Next, if you are the author of the blog, but not the subject matter expert, you should go to the source and gain their thoughts and insights before you start writing. While, members of your team may be busy, it doesn’t mean they can’t still contribute their insights through an interview
  • Then, it is time for you to draft the blog post.
  • A different member of your team edits the post before it is optimized for SEO.
  • Remember: It is extremely important to pitch to publications if you want your blog to be read by a large audience.
  • Lastly, distribute your content through your company’s social media channels!

To make the distribution useful, your agency must build a strong following on social media and publish content in publications that speak to its audience. Your agency must constantly be generating new readers, building your brand, and engaging with your audience if you want to be successful.

Thanks for joining us on this journey. Stay tuned- more great content is headed your way in the coming weeks!

The Moak Group