Today, The Moak Group is launching TMG Insights, a new blog focused on anything and everything related to our firm, the challenges of successfully running a company like ours, and insights into the fields and industries in which we work.

This blog is a collaborative effort from our team. From TMG’s founders to interns, TMG Insights will leverage the unique experiences and backgrounds of our staff to generate interesting, engaging, and applicable content. You’ll read about bipartisan solutions from our resident government relations expert Michael Wascom, Sarah Heine will dissect the intricacies of crisis communications, and Boyd Bailey will share with you his insights on marketing and communications strategies that can help you and your team succeed, regardless of where in the world, or in what industry you work. From campaign trails to the halls of Congress, and from Wall Street to our nation’s skies, our staff has diverse experiences and valuable insights to share with you.

Our goal is to make TMG Insights a one-stop shop for news and analysis relating to public affairs, advocacy, business consulting, government relations, and digital strategy. The blog is intended to be an organized and user-friendly space in which our clients and casual observers alike can explore, learn, and leave feeling more informed.  In addition to more professional content, the blog will explore what it’s like to live and work in Washington, D.C. and travel globally. From the best brunch spots to interesting professional events, we will highlight the some of the best experiences that DC has to offer, as well as the voyages of our staff on business and personal travel.

We’re excited to launch TMG Insights. Team TMG has a lot to share with you, and we hope you’ll find our content interesting and instructive.

Please sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on the content we have coming down the pipeline- and if you don’t see a post on a subject that you’re curious about, shoot us a message on the Connect Page. We’ll be happy to explore and see if we can take a deeper dive for you.

Happy reading!

The Moak Group