Image depicting people walking through foreign markets

Navigating Foreign Markets & Avoiding Fatal Missteps

by Ellen Huber • July 27, 2017

More and more, companies are extending their reach into foreign markets. Although market expansion has become more common in recent years, these business endeavors are often short-lived. What’s to blame? In a nutshell, it’s companies undervaluing the importance of embracing local preferences and culture. Successfully marketing a foreign company in a domestic market is no […]

Website Fundamentals Every Professional Should Follow

by Rebecca McTear • July 25, 2017

A great corporate or non-profit website allows users to find the information they need to engage with the business. Think about it: when you visit a restaurant’s website, you’ll find a number of things you can do—take a look at their menu, find their location, place an order, make a reservation, etc. In today’s post, […]


Why Targeted PR Campaigns Are Essential

by Sarah Heine • July 20, 2017

A company’s public image is everything. Public Relations and image management is an essential part of any successful organization. The objective of PR is to get the word about you, your company, or your product to potential customers through compelling story telling that targets a specific audience. These campaigns educate your followers about the contributions […]

The Importance of Effective Government Relations

by Mike Wascom • July 18, 2017

Last November, the most divisive & polarizing election in U.S. history exposed many fears we, as Americans, have about the way our government is representing its citizens. The aftermath? A political climate that seems to suggest that the relevance of effective government relations has lessened. The news media, along with some politicians, thrive on falsely criticizing […]

So we launched a blog… Now what?

by The Moak Group • July 13, 2017

A public relations agency is constantly strategizing how it can best shape the narrative surrounding its clients. However, an agency cannot forget about the brand it wants to convey for itself. That is why we launched TMG Insights. Team TMG wants to provide a window into what makes Team TMG successful. We want you, the […]