The focus, determination, and leadership skills developed over the course of Captain Lee Moak’s career as a Marine Corps and Navy fighter pilot, B-767 Delta Air Lines captain, and as President of the Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA), have led him to become a significant force for change in the realm of air transportation and international policy. Captain Moak’s extensive experience within the corporate, labor, and political worlds allows him to offer clients an expansive perspective on their business and policy agendas that has proven to be both widely applicable and incredibly effective.

The knowledge and remarkable skillset Captain Moak used to help guide Delta’s bankruptcy recovery and merger with Northwest Airlines as chairman of the Delta Master Executive Council, and after, as President of ALPA, the largest non-governmental aviation safety organization in the world, he now brings to clients at The Moak Group. Captain Moak leads The Moak Group in successfully supporting businesses and organizations across industrial and political spectrums.

Captain Moak’s work in Washington on behalf of the American aviation industry and airline pilots has been historic. Captain Moak effectively advocated for the overhaul of the Export-Import Bank of the United States’ wide-body aircraft financing practices and facilitated the successful opposition of the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme, an illegal tax on U.S. airlines. During his time as a pilot, pilot leader, and association leader, Captain Moak devoted his energy and passion to ensuring the future of American aviation and aviation jobs. He continues to bring that same commitment to clients at The Moak Group, as well as continuing to support and help position the American aviation industry for success.

During his four years as chief executive and administrative officer of ALPA, Captain Moak served as the Agency’s chief spokesman, working to advance pilots’ views in the airline industry before U.S. and international government agencies, airline and other business executives, and the news media. Captain Moak expanded the traditional role of labor union leader through active and constructive engagement with any and all parties who affected the professional lives and careers of the pilots he represented. Captain Moak also oversaw the Association’s daily operations, directed policy agendas of ALPA’s governing bodies including the Board of Directors, and guided ALPA pilots to ratify 19 new contracts, including the largest airline merger in history at United/Continental.

From local reporters to international media, Main Street to Wall Street, regulators to legislators, and from other unions to industry leaders around the globe — Captain Moak ensured that ALPA played a critical role in, and constructively contributed to, the policy and regulatory arenas in which it was engaged. Captain Moak led the creation and implementation of ALPA’s FAA reauthorization agenda, which was signed into law as part of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012. His leadership also resulted in numerous critical aviation safety measures becoming reality, including the adoption and implementation of NextGen, and the Known Crewmember program, a cornerstone of TSA’s risk-based security protocol.

Captain Moak serves on the FAA Management Advisory Council on management, policy, spending, and regulatory matters. He has been a member of the AFL-CIO Executive Council and Chair of the Financial Oversight Committee for the AFL-CIO Transportation Trades Department. He has also served on the FAA NextGen Advisory Committee (NAC), composed of industry decision makers and tasked with advising the administration on key decisions regarding the improvement and modernization of the US’s aviation infrastructure.

Captain Moak actively supports the work of a number of veterans groups.

Captain Moak holds a degree from the University of West Florida and held the ranks of Captain in the United States Marine Corps and Commander in the United States Navy.

Rebecca McTear

Rebecca McTear

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