Founder & COO

A veteran of Capitol Hill, Michael Robbins is no stranger to fierce legislative battles and is well versed in the art of compromise. Mr. Robbins is a strategic communicator, effective advocate, and proven strategist with executive level management experience. His unique crossover work in government, communications, and corporate leadership gives his clients the benefit of a tactician who can navigate them through the challenges that come with working in Washington, DC and with governments and the media around the world.

Mr. Robbins spent a decade in the office of Congressman John Dingell (Mich.-15), where he served as the Chief of Staff. During his time in that leadership position, Mr. Dingell served roles as the dean of Congress, Chairman, Chairman Emeritus, and Ranking Member of the Energy and Commerce Committee, specializing in telecommunications, health care, transportation, energy, manufacturing, trade, and government oversight. Mr. Robbins was chief advisor to Congressman Dingell on all policy, political, and office management issues.

Mr. Robbins has a unique perspective and vast experience with the inner workings of Congress and campaigns. While on the Hill, Mr. Robbins constructively negotiated legislative compromises within the caucus and built bipartisan consensus on key issues, including health care and energy reforms. Mr. Robbins played a leading role in the effort to include automobile manufacturers and auto finance companies in the 2008 Emergency Economic Stabilization Act and later worked closely with the White House, U.S. Treasury Dept., congressional allies, and external stakeholders to establish the successful structured bankruptcies of General Motors and Chrysler in a way that maximized the protection of American jobs and safeguarded U.S. taxpayer dollars.

After leaving Capitol Hill, Mr. Robbins joined the Air Line Pilot Association, International (ALPA) and served as Managing Director of Government and Public Affairs. Within ALPA, Mr. Robbins oversaw reforms of the Government Affairs and Communications Departments, greatly enhanced ALPA’s policy credentials and standing, incorporated pilot advocates into ALPA’s legislative advocacy program, and strategically expanded and employed ALPA’s Political Action Committee to further ALPA’s relationship building and policy agenda. Robbins led ALPA’s foray into strategic campaign communications, launching a successful international policy campaign on a global policy issue that made extensive international news.

As a former leader in a major aviation trade and labor association, Mr. Robbins knows how to navigate both the corporate and labor worlds and delivered significant results for his association on policy, media, and branding goals. Mr. Robbins is a frequent speaker at U.S. and international conferences, with a focus on policy matters and effective advocacy strategies.

In addition to his work for ALPA and on Capitol Hill, Mr. Robbins is an experienced campaign manager, strategist, and fundraiser. Mr. Robbins has managed numerous congressional campaigns and has been involved in multiple statewide and national campaigns that helped him to refine the execution of tactics that so effectively serve his clients.

Mr. Robbins serves on the board of the Greater Washington Aviation Open and is a co-owner of a fitness gym in Washington, DC. He holds a B.A. from the University of Michigan and an M.A.L.S. in Public Policy from Georgetown University.