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About The Moak Group

At the Moak Group

we help our clients navigate the challenges of today’s corporate and political realities by charting innovative approaches to complex problems that deliver winning results.​

The Moak Group was fashioned out of the fierce determination, leadership training and structure gained through military experience and an understanding of the political relationships and congressional processes honed over years on Capitol Hill, as well as the urgency and tactical agility acquired during many election cycles. By applying these qualities to influence business practices and policy agendas through the use of proven and custom campaign-style strategies, The Moak Group has the experience and vision to transform key aspects of American industry.

What We Do

From campaign trails to the halls of Congress, and from Wall Street to our nation’s skies, our team’s vast array of experience allows us to develop and execute innovative winning strategies and campaigns that allow our clients to realize desired outcomes, tactical executions, issue advocacy, coalition building, commercial and marketing objectives, and more.

The Moak Group utilizes a multifaceted, full-service approach to aggressively pursue policy goals, develop brand identities, manage crises, and create marketing and communications campaigns that provide effective and measurable outcomes through strategic messaging.

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Public Affairs

The Moak Group is expert at crafting messaging to educate, engage, and influence audiences. We are innovative problem solvers who create and seize opportunities to forward our clients' agendas and protect our clients’ reputations. Our belief is that forging strong relationships, relying on data-driven metrics, and establishing and executing creative, targeted communications are proven ways to influence public opinion.


At The Moak Group we know that the effective campaign strategies- the ones that win- have been tried and proven over the course of many election cycles, but are also nimble and able to adapt quickly. By employing those tactics to solve challenging policy issues, our seasoned strategists can help clients affect change on key legislative and regulatory matters.

Whether it’s developing social media targeting and strategy or setting an organization’s public policy goals and agenda and then helping to achieve those goals, The Moak Group defines what it means to be subject matter experts in effective advocacy.

Business Consulting

Extensive industry experience combined with a forward thinking business strategy allows The Moak Group to support clients’ corporate and policy agendas as trusted advisors for investor relations, political infrastructure development, developing a brand identity, or coaching businesses through best practices with the media, research, or marketing strategy. The Moak Group can provide relevant, specific, and measurable strategies to realize desired outcomes for businesses and coalitions alike.

Public Relations and Marketing

The Moak Group offers public relations and strategic marketing communications services that helps clients increase revenue, grow market share, and communicate their brand and product effectively to consumer segments around the world. Whether it’s developing a fully integrated public relations and marketing campaign or coordinating a VIP reception for 300 guests to showcase your product or service to high-value consumers, The Moak Group offers you a perspective that comes with experience and expertise, and we add significant value to your business and commercial and marketing objectives.

Digital Strategy and Web Services

The Moak Group understands that technology is the way of the future, and our creative and web development team has the expertise and experience to lead your team forward into the digital age. Whether it’s revamping your existing website, or creating a new one for you, helping your organization successfully implement a dazzling social media strategy to attain campaign objectives or discover new customers, we have the skills and expertise to make your organization a leader online.

Organization Management

The Moak Group has vast experience advocating for the needs and values of organizations across the spectrum of industry and policy arenas. When it comes to structuring, implementing, and organizing around issues, we are experts at working with corporations and non-profits to successfully implement campaigns and reforms to achieve an organization’s goals, quietly or very very loudly.

Our Team